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Sunday, March 24, 2013

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Parental Alienation from a Different Angle

I'm tired of the hate mail and the claims that Parental Alienation is not real or that it is; "make believe"....

So therefore, I will post this rant below and try to put the reality of Parental Alienation in to a bit of a different perspective....to show that it is in many ways more real than not and has many faces so to speak, that it is really a sick human behavior that is quite real....and doesn't only involve minor children.

So here it goes!

...and for all the delusional idiots out there that think Parental Alienation is not real and just a make believe "tactic".....look at it this way and explain that it is just a make believe thing and can not happen....because it is "make believe".

Imagine this: 

You take your elderly parents and put them in a nursing home and refuse to tell your siblings what you've done to mom and dad and refuse to let them know where they are at and tell them they have NO 
RIGHT to ever see them or talk to them again....your siblings beg you to tell them where mom and dad are at at and you file restraining orders on all your brothers and sisters because they are harassing you trying to see their parents and trying to get you to tell them where their mom and dad are because they love them and worried sick about their well being....and can't stand not being able to see them...their hearts are broken!

Isn't this also an obvious case of "Parental Alienation"?????

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Petraeus, Allen supported Florida woman's sister in child custody spat

Spat? I think this was way MORE than just a "spat"!!!!

Did General Petraeus and General Allen try to influence a Judge and formally interject themselves in a Child Custody Case????

Well, it seems so!!!!

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Former CIA Director David Petraeus and the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, General John Allen, both recently intervened in a child custody battle on behalf of the twin sister of the Florida woman at the center of a scandal that has engulfed both men, court documents show.
Petraeus and Allen wrote letters in September to the District of Columbia Superior Court in support of the twin sister, Natalie Khawam, as she sought to gain more visitation rights with her son, according to a review of the court file.

Why would a mother, Natalie Khawam, seek two of the worlds most powerful military generals to "help" her in a child custody case? Intimidation tactics????

Well, lets see what the Judge says about "Natalie Khawam".

District of Columbia Superior Court Judge Neal Kravitz found that Khawam "has extreme personal deficits in the areas of honesty and integrity." He cited false domestic violence petitions and a lack of honesty in her dealings with her family and employers.
On June 21 of this year, Kravitz ordered Khawam to pay Wolfe $350,000 in attorneys fees and costs, but Khawam continued to push for more access to her son.

From another article: Mr. Wolfe is the child's Father.
In the ruling, he found that Khawam had taken the couple's son to Florida when he was only four months old  and refused to tell Wolfe of his whereabouts, ignored court orders to allow visits with his father,  changed the boy's first name without his father's knowledge  and made unfounded claims of abuse against her ex-husband.
"The evidence established that Ms. Khawam has extreme personal deficits in the areas of  honesty and integrity," Kravitz wrote. "Ms. Khawam's false domestic violence petitions (and her equally false testimony at trial relating to many of the same allegations) are merely the most stunning examples of Ms. Khawam's willingness to say anything, even under oath, to advance her own personal interests at the expense of Mr. Wolfe, the child, and others."
From another article:
Superior Court Judge Neal Kravitz a year earlier criticized Khawam for her behavior and said her "misrepresentations about virtually everything" would continue.
"Ms. Khawam appears to lack any appreciation or respect for the importance of honesty and integrity in her interactions with her family, employers and others with whom she comes in contact," he wrote in November 2011.
Not only did the judge in the case award her ex-husband custody last year of their 3-year-old son, John, but he also told Khawam to pay his legal bills amounting to $350,000. Khawam filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in April after racking up more than $3 million in debt, according to federal court records.
The status of her most recent custody appeal was not immediately known.
Khawam did not respond to requests for comment Tuesday.
Her relationship with her ex-husband, Grayson Wolfe, grew to levels of remarkable acrimony as detailed in court papers. She made repeated claims of abuse, which the judge called "an ever-expanding set of sensational accusations" against Wolfe that were "numerous," "extraordinary," and, "so distorted that they defy any common sense view of reality."
One case included a visit to Children's National Medical Center in December 2011 -- a month after the judge granted custody to Wolfe -- to treat alleged bruises to the child's nose and finger, hospital records show. Khawam told doctors her son complained of Wolfe hitting him, but court records show the child later recanted his statement. Wolfe's lawyer said the abuse report was a fabrication.
All told, it was a very different dynamic than what the two generals said they witnessed.

In addition to the sex scandal these two critters (Generals Petraeus and Allen) are involved in, along with this custody case involvement, they obviously have a bad case of "bad judgment" and are not fit to lead a group of boy scouts on a nature hike!
This is a good example and just more proof of how some people use people in powerful and high places to try to "influence" and "intimidate" a judge in a custody case! This is an EXTREME example for sure!
Do you think that these two generals for one second thought of and truly considered the best interest of the child involved? 




Saturday, November 3, 2012

It's not "Their" problem, it's yours!

Walking in to the court room with a "problem", we often look at the judge and expect him or her to "fix" it! The reality is, it is not their problem, it is "YOUR" problem.

Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that before you even walk in to the courtroom you best be prepared to MAKE IT THEIR PROBLEM TOO! With legal matters/FACTS that legally binds not only the Judge to the complaint that you have, but also legally binds the person or persons that you have the "complaint" against too.

If you present your case to the court in the correct way and make the Judge aware that his or her decision is base on "recorded" testimony, state code/statute, and legal case-law  etc., well then you actually may have a chance of succeeding/winning....that is if you have a case at all to present to begin with.

Going in to court and being all pissed off and angry won't get you anywhere with your "complaint" or "response" unless you actually have a legal reason to be offensive or defensive and explain it in a legal way with state codes/statutes, and proven case-law to show your not just another pissed off derailed person......be smart, do your homework, and go in to court not as a whiner, but as a winner!

FramedFather 11-3-2012

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

5 Fall Activities for Fathers and Daughters

By Jacqui Barrie

Fathers are an integral part of each of their children’s lives, and offer both their sons and daughter very special, individualized relationships. The relationship between a father and his daughter is a very special one, and he has big shoes to fill when it comes to leading his daughter through life.  A father is the first male role model a little girl has to look up to, and through their relationship she will develop expectations for how men should treat her and what qualities a man should have. By spending one-on-one time with their daughters, fathers can strengthen their father-daughter bond, build a trusting relationship with their daughters, and set high standards for how the men in their future should treat them.
Here are 5 fall activities that dads and daughters may enjoy doing together:
  1. Raking leaves. Little girls love to work alongside their fathers.  Dad can rake leaves while she helps bag them up.  But before the leaves go into a bag, they should go into a big pile that they can jump in together.  Not only do the leaves get raked up, but dad and daughter have spent a little time bonding over a fun fall activity. 
  2. Tailgating at a game. Often thought of as more of a father and son outing, there are no rules that say that fathers and daughters can’t enjoy a good football game together.  If your daughter enjoys football or sports, she would probably love to go to a game with her dad.  Not only will dad get to teach some of the game basics to her, he’ll get to pass on his love of sports and of a good pregame party.
  3. Hiking. Whether it’s just being in the fresh air or being away from the distractions at home, like computers and video games, spending time outdoors together naturally lends itself to a bonding experience. Daughters and dads can talk while they hike, skip rocks in a creek, or have a picnic lunch.
  4. Camping. The fall season brings weather that is finally cool enough that most people can tolerate sleeping outside.  Fathers can teach their daughters how to put up a tent, gather wood, and cook over an open fire. Girls may also enjoy sitting around a campfire at night while listening to their dad’s stories, and may even share a few of their own.
  5. Going to a fall festival.  Many girls would consider spending the day with dad eating caramel apples, choosing pumpkins, and going on hay rides a perfect one. Attending a fall festival together could even become an annual father-daughter tradition, and you could make a memory book and add a photo in front of the festival entrance each year. This would be a cherished keepsake for years to come.
When it comes to dads and daughters, spending time together is the most important thing that they can do. Whether it’s sharing a hot cider on the back deck or going for a walk around the block, carving out regular one-on-one time together will help fathers and daughters build their relationship and stay connected.

Source: http://www.aupairjobs.com/articles/5-fall-activities-for-fathers-and-daughters/

Saturday, September 8, 2012

F.R.A.M.E.D. Community Forum


The FORUM is full of tons of helpful information!

Members of FRAMED work together educating and supporting those that are involved in Family Court & other Domestic related issues with the best interest of our Children, Families, and Society as our #1 priority. All Fathers, Mothers, and Extended Family Members are welcomed.

To go there, CLICK HERE!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Georgia News: Seven Judge's Step Down Since 2010

When he retires May 1, William F. Lee Jr. will become the seventh chief Superior Court judge in Georgia to step down amid ethics investigations since 2010. The others:

Lynn Akeley-Alderman of the Enotah Judicial Circuit resigned in March while being investigated for allegedly engaging in an improper meeting with a Forsyth County judge to promote the interests of a methamphetamine trafficker.

David Barrett of the Enotah Judicial Circuit retired in March after he brandished a handgun in court to make a rhetorical point to an alleged sexual assault victim as she testified on the witness stand.

Amanda Williams of the Brunswick Judicial Circuit retired in January after being charged with behaving in a tyrannical manner and locking up some drug court defendants indefinitely.

Kenneth Nix of Cobb County resigned in October 2010 after being accused by a county prosecutor and investigator of inappropriately touching their bottoms.

Paschal English of the Griffin Judicial Circuit resigned in April 2010 amid disclosures he was having an affair with a public defender assigned to his court. A deputy found them having sex in a parked car.

Ernest "Bucky" Woods of the Mountain Judicial Circuit resigned in January 2010 after being accused of improperly contacting a female criminal defendant through Facebook.

Source: http://www.ajc.com/news/georgia-politics-elections/coweta-chief-judge-to-1426725.html

Step down????? It's amazing that, well, at least 99.9% of any official involved with the federal gov., specifically Judges, get to walk and keep their pensions etc., and they are almost never held accountable for crap when they break the law and/or violate their OATH OF OFFICE!

What's wrong with this frickin country and the people in it?????? Where is the outrage to hold these Judges’ who violated their OATH OF OFFICE accountable????? Why do we just sit back and let them walk away with smiles on their faces knowing we will also pay them a salary (pension) until the day they die?

These dirty Judges are criminals, deceivers, and violators of our trust to say the least and if “we the people” (you and I) did anything even remotely related to what some of these scum bag criminal and unethical Judges in this list have done, we'd be thrown in jail instantly and spend years trying to get the courts to allow us are basic fundamental rights to legally defend ourselves!!!!


Friday, March 30, 2012

N. GA Judge Lynn Akeley Alderman Resigns

Another N. GA Enotah District Judge bites the dust, 2nd one in just a month.....resign????? why don't they hold these egotistic, unethical, and criminal “above the law” Judges accountable??????!!!!!! Regardless, I am glad to see her off the bench!

She get’s to walk away and probably has a full pension in her “purse”.

Check out what this Judge was/is involved in recently below! (also see links), who knows what else she has been up to for years now "behind the scenes" so to speak....

Judge to resign amid ethics probe

Superior Court Judge Lynn Akeley-Alderman of the Enotah Judicial Circuit submitted her resignation letter to Gov. Nathan Deal, saying she will resign Friday.

On Tuesday, Akeley-Alderman and the state Judicial Qualifications Commission engaged in testy exchanges, with the judge accusing the judicial watchdog agency's investigation as being unfair and unprofessional. In response, the agency said that since Akeley-Alderman is attacking its procedures, it is asking her to allow the release of its investigative file on her conduct to the public.


More on this situation....

Felon has friends in high places

Man freed by mistake ordered back to prison


Below are those named by Judge Jeffery Bagley in this transcript as contributing to the effort or prevention to get convict Methamphetamine Trafficker Charles Steven Stringer released without serving a day of his 12 years Methamphetamine Trafficking Conviction sentence:

1. Georgia Lt. Governor Casey Cagle
2. Georgia Senator Carl Rogers, Dist. 26 Gains., Ga.
3. Judge Hugh Stone, Enota Circuit
4. Judge Lynn Alderman, Enota Circuit
5. Mary Helen Mashburn McGruder, Forsyth Co. resident
6. Forsyth Co. District Attorney Penny Penn
7. Hammond Law, Stringer's Lumpkin County attorney
8. Rafe Banks, Stringer's Forsyth County attorney
9. James Aaron Dunn, F.C. D.A. assistant

Note: Casey Cagle has denied having anything to do with this case. Some close to him claim Judge Lynn Alderman dropped his name to Judge Jeffery Bagley for effect without his permission.

No commentary is necessary as the documents speak for themselves except for the pressing question; "What connection do the Stringer advocates have to a Methamphetamine Trafficker?"

PDF of court transcript: READ THIS!!!!! : http://www.aboutforsyth.net/files/BagleyTranscriptStringer3.2.11.pdf

She really thinks she is the “Above the Law”

Dahlonega judge resigns, blasts 'unprofessional' JQC ethics probe
JQC chief denies charge, asks the judge to waive confidentiality so investigation file can be made public


UPDATE: April 7, 2012

Rash Judges bring disorder to the courts

CLEVELAND — Lynn Akeley-
Alderman barely had enough time to use her new “chief judge” letterhead before she followed her predecessor by stepping down from the bench in disgrace.

Akeley-Alderman resigned March 30, shortly before the state’s judicial watchdog agency was about to file ethics charges against her. Among the expected complaints was that she met privately with another judge to speak up on behalf of a methamphetamine trafficker who had a case pending before the other judge.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Illinois Overhauls Child Support Laws

By Elaine Hirsh, Guest Writer
For the first time in decades, state officials in Illinois are considering a major overhaul in the state's child support legislation. An advisory committee to the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services backs the overhaul, which aims to update and modernize the state's current child support laws.

Under current Illinois Law
, non-custodial parents pay a flat percentage based on his or her net income and the number of children who receive support. No special provisions exist based on custodial parents income, nor on the amount of time children spend with each parent. Some officials of the child support division of the Department of Healthcare and Family Services say this system is outdated and doesn't consider the circumstances of many modern families. Not only do criminal experts believe this current system incentivize for non-custodial parents to seek tax income loopholes, it is also unfair to the child who ends up receiving less financial support than if his/her parents had stayed together.

If passed into law, the changes will take into consideration the income of both parents involved, as well as how much time the child or children in question spend with each parent. The basic premise of the proposed system is that children will receive the same amount of financial support as they would have received had their parents not divorced or separated. Supporters of the overhaul claim these changes will be beneficial not only to the children, but to both custodial and non-custodial parents as well.

The proposed plan, which is already in place in 38 states, is based on an "income shares" system. The system will employ the use of an economic table which will outline the average cost of raising a child for nuclear families of various incomes. Unlike the current child support model, the income shares system will take into account both parents' incomes when calculating child support payments. Supports claim this will level the financial playing field for both parents, and can perhaps curtail child support disputes.

As reported in the Chicago Tribune
, Margaret Stapleton, an attorney on the Illinois Child Support Advisory Committee, had this to say about the proposed child support model: "The biggest reason for moving to an income shares model is that it will be perceived by both mothers and fathers as fair to all." Stapleton, who backs the changes, went on to say, "People will see the baseline is what this child needs, what Parent A has and what Parent B has. I think people will see that as fairer".

Those not in favor of the overhaul cite cost as a major factor in their decision. Advisory committee member and family law attorney, Joan Colen, calls the change unwarranted, and says that the costs to implement them would be far too drastic for such little change to the current system. Economic experts hired by the committee agree, saying child support payments wouldn't be altered enough to warrant a complete overhaul, the estimated costs of which are between two and three million dollars.

The advisory committee hopes to approach the General Assembly with its proposal by this spring. If the new system passes legislation, it will take at least two or three years for it to go into full effect.
About the Author:
Elaine Hirsch is kind of a jack-of-all-interests, from education and history to medicine and videogames. This makes it difficult to choose just one life path, so she is currently working as a writer for various education-related sites and writing about all these things instead. She is currently writer for an online PhD website.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sophia's Law Petition

Why This Is Important

I have read too many chat forums where one spouse leaves the relationship and takes the children and nothing can be done about it. Its completely legal at this point. A scorned spouse will take your children and go in hiding and there is nothing that can be done about it. I called the police myself and was told my children were in good hands. It's been 42 days since I have seen my children. I have never done any harm to my wife or children and there has never been any form of violence filed against me, And I am not a violent person. I have only been able to facetime with my daughter and she will look around for me while i'm talking to her. She doesnt understand. Myself and many others are going through the same thing. I am so for this change I will publish my number for others to contact me so we can make this change happen 1-321-704-4393 if your someone that can help or a group that needs my assistance to make this change call me.. Merry Christmas everyone and to my little daughter Sophia where ever you are I will love you forever........

David Stellwag

To learn more and sign the Petition, please go to: