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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Parental Alienation from a Different Angle

I'm tired of the hate mail and the claims that Parental Alienation is not real or that it is; "make believe"....

So therefore, I will post this rant below and try to put the reality of Parental Alienation in to a bit of a different perspective....to show that it is in many ways more real than not and has many faces so to speak, that it is really a sick human behavior that is quite real....and doesn't only involve minor children.

So here it goes!

...and for all the delusional idiots out there that think Parental Alienation is not real and just a make believe "tactic".....look at it this way and explain that it is just a make believe thing and can not happen....because it is "make believe".

Imagine this: 

You take your elderly parents and put them in a nursing home and refuse to tell your siblings what you've done to mom and dad and refuse to let them know where they are at and tell them they have NO 
RIGHT to ever see them or talk to them again....your siblings beg you to tell them where mom and dad are at at and you file restraining orders on all your brothers and sisters because they are harassing you trying to see their parents and trying to get you to tell them where their mom and dad are because they love them and worried sick about their well being....and can't stand not being able to see them...their hearts are broken!

Isn't this also an obvious case of "Parental Alienation"?????


  1. No question in my mind and I have 31 years of experience as a family law attorney, and considerable experience as a guardian ad litem, mediator and parenting coordinator, and as a parent of a young child, I am now the "other parent" whose time with, authority over and involvement with our son has been severely curtailed and damaged by the corrupt judge, more corrupt attorneys for the mother and the inept and corrupt guardian ad litem, all of whom USED and manipulated the mother, in my view, for their own gain. The laws have to change to prevent such abuses by the court system. One suggestion is that we find descriptive terms rather than labels. Just a PTSD is accepted in some circles and not in others, Parental Alienation is a term that some want to discount. Not fine, but what about "limiting and curtailing a parent's involvement in his or her own child's life, but false accusations, by corruption of the legal system and by systematically poisoning the child against that parent, done by the horrible parent who uses her or his own child for her or his own personal purposes." What do you think?

  2. Fathers rights are not guaranteed in the UK, especially in child custody cases where the mother and father were not married and the father was not listed on the birth certificate. It is almost impossible for a father who is not listed on their child’s birth certificate to exercise their fathers rights to visitation, so it is very important for a child’s father to ensure that their name is properly listed on each child’s birth certificate.

  3. Yes, i completely agree with you. Father' s name should be listed in the birth certificate and he has complete visitation rights. I really liked this blog post. Thanks for sharing this useful information.
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  4. I support you and your blog and commit that Parental Alienation is real. After a 22 year marriage with 7 children I have experienced the damaging results of alienation for 11 years now. Thank you for your work in this field !!!