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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Indiana Suspends Arrest Warrants for Child Support Arrears????

I find this really hard to believe! but check out the link from where this story comes from.

I just can't imagine any state suspending the hunt for money! especially when the economy is in chaos and they need every penny they can get.....

Indianapolis - Arrest warrants have vanished for thousands of deadbeat parents as a result of a new court policy.

Vicki Sadler and her daughter are awaiting $9,000 in back child support. But last week, the bench warrant for the father's arrest was wiped off the books - along with 4,000 others.

In Marion County, deadbeat parents who skip court no longer face the threat of jail.

"It's more than frustrating. The system itself is frustrating. It's unbelievable," Sadler said. "And then to find out they're untouchable."

"It's going to make it more difficult, there's no question about that," said John Owens, Chief Deputy Prosecutor for Child Support.

Owens' office deals with 72,000 open cases in any given month. Back in 2005, his office rolled out it's "Top Ten Most Wanted" on outstanding warrants. But now, even the worst of the worst can walk free because of a new policy.

"There could be some improvements," said Marion County Court Administrator Glenn Lawrence.

He said the warrants were suspended to allow no-shows the chance to explain why. He also said the county recently settled a case in which a defendant was denied due process.

"They might put them in jail and not bring them immediately before the court," Lawrence said. "So we felt it best to go ahead and do a blanket expungement [sic] of those outstanding - whatever they were - bench warrants."

Marion County's Civil Division says it would typically get between 12 and 15 bench warrants a day for delinquent parents failing to show up in court. But that all stopped abruptly about a week ago.

"Immediately, we had to recall and do away with all of the warrants we had in file and try to run them up around the state of Indiana to notify the sheriffs not to serve our warrants, because they were no longer active," said Marion County Sheriff's Department Capt. Norman Buckner.

Now, the courts can only order what's called a "body attachment".

"It's not really an arrest. It's a notice to bring them before the court," Lawrence said.

The challenge is finding the deadbeats during court hours. With the warrants erased, traffic stops will no longer show police the individual is wanted.

"They're getting a lot more than due process. It's just so unfair to these children that they're going without," Sadler said.

Indiana's Judicial Center is reviewing the new policy. Both the state's prosecutors and judges associations are looking to lawmakers to help remedy the situation.

But for now, failure to appear doesn't mean going to jail. ..News Source.. by Sandra Chapman/Eyewitness News



  1. I think this is absolutely ridiculous! Who thought this was a good idea? Some of us only get paid a little bit here & there because of the threat of jail. This is like glorifying a deadbeat parent while the custodial parent works 2 jobs & still struggles 2 put food on the table.

  2. Technically here in Indiana arrest warrants are for criminal charges. They plan to use body attachments to now haul us into court.

  3. Get a job like the rest of us!

  4. Fathers have no rights in the family court system. I am a disabled veteran and my civil, parental and medical rights were violated in court. I am totally disabled and the judge told me to pay support any way you can. I guess he doesn't understand the meaning of, disabled!
    I was also denied visitation by my exwife, she allowed weekend visits but not once was I allowed summer break, holidays, birthdays and even Fathersday visitation. This went on for 12 years. I hired an attorney but was told there is nothing he could do. While in court the judge ordered me to tell the court what my disabilities are, medications I was taking, and what percentage of disability I am receiving. Now I am having problems with missing tax refunds. The support office says they haven't received it but I contacted the IRS and they say it was intercepted by child support, the whole system is corrupt!

  5. This is just some media ploy or something in my opinion.

    The system is set up to financially destroy fathers and families (sometimes mothers too) and nothing is changing fast enough to protect childrens rights to have both legally fit parents in their lives.

  6. So true Framed. The whole system is corrupt and has ruined many lives. Fathers and children mostly. Fatherhood has become a disdained crime in this county. Fathers are the New Slaves of the United States of the America, they have no natural human rights whatsoever. I have seen far too much suffering in the name of Family Courts. All fathers across the entire country are going to have to take a stand together instead of these little groups that strive to get media attention for their plight. Until ALL FATHERS stand together things will never change. Corruption like this is hard to stop!

  7. Its very possible it will only get worse now with Obama and Biden on a full frontal assault against men and fathers.....and children!

  8. I am Vicki Sadler - and I want you to know that to date - I've not been contacted by anyone to remedy this situation. The Prosecutor's Office denies any involvement. Zoeller's office has yet to come up with an answer regarding the legality of the bench warrants. I've written a letter to: Senator Bayh, Congressman Mike Pence, Govenor Daniels, Brian Bosma, Tom Saunders, Channel 13, Marion Co. Prosecutor and The Indpls Star - I've gotten a letter back from Mike Pence along with a privacy form to fill out and return which I plan to do. We'll see what happens from here. I ask that you please contact me and let's get this ball rolling on our own - if we have to picket in front of City-County Building until they listen to us.... vicnlyle@hughes.net

  9. I am a grandmother, my son was awarded visitation 3 times per year, we have been going to court for 3 years now, the mother is remarried and both her and her new husband are on state aid, medicaid, food stamps, her new husband also works construction jobs under the table. went back to court in 08, judge gave her 30 days to produce the child. all of our mail and packages to the child have been returned as undeliverable, on our last court date which would have been for the contempt of mother, the judge gives the mother a public defender, and the judge also forgot to put on the calender the next trial date she gave us. i guess if i would quit my job, get on food stamps & medicaid, have more children than i can support, drink and smoke dope in front of my children, the courts would give me a public defender also. instead, i have to get loans to pay attorneys fees and fight to see my grandchild that was 2y.o. last time i seen her and probably does not remember me. let there be no doubt, i will NOT give up this fight for my grandchild, when will wisdom on these judges part start coming into play??

  10. There are many fathers who pay child support and are never given the right to see their child, which is unfair! There are also many cases where the state picks up child support claims and files them by telling the mother that they will lose benifits if they do not take part. All in all the courts will get their money, the dates will be reset, and we will not have to spend our tax dollars on deadbeat parents so they can have 3 meals a day in jail and just fall further behind on their payment. What does jail do except take our tax dollars and drive the father into further debt, and possible loss of a job.

  11. There are just as many diedbeat fathers as there are mothers. I am raising my children w/o their father that told the court he would never pay the child support that was ordered. Then here is my husband that his ex has never paid her child support. Both parents are wrong for this. This has been going on for 18 yrs. So no the courts do not care about the children. They don't chase the other parent until the state is helping with medical bills or money from the state. Then they go looking for the deadbeat parent.

  12. regardless of whether the non-custodial parent pays child support or not, and they very well should, the custodial parent should provide for the kid(s) as much as possible and not waiting for the next welfare check to come rolling in or the support check to finally appear so that they can spend it on everything else but the kid(s). Ppl need to understand that the systme gets abused both ways. It takes 2 to make a child. 2 should be equally responsible.

  13. I emailed the Governor today regarding this matter. It's been almost 3 years and nothing has ever been done about this matter. Not another dime to my daughter. Something has to be done - someone has to listen. I've created a Facebook page for Indiana in an attempt to hear from any custodial parent who is not receiving court-ordered child support. "Indiana Against DeadBeat Parents". Please join me.

  14. In as much as it is a terrible thing for a child(ren) to be without a father, and even more so when they refuse to provide support, there are many factors why this occurs. None of these reasons make it right, but do exist. Some Women make it hard on the guys by cheating, misusing the monies, using kids as pawns, denying visitation, threatening every move with court, or police, court's not allowing the man's parental rights properly. Many women just keep pumping out the kids knowing they can A. get mad child support by kicking the guy's ass out, or of course welfare because now she has a harem of curtain climbers and no money to support their needs (They should be charged just for having more kids than they can take care of to start with). Hell our Nation's economy has be taking a header for years, and women keep pushing out a ridiculous amount of kids.....What in the Hell is the real problem???????????

  15. there are mothers out there who use the kids against the fathers and if the father doesnt pay one week cause he has not been working or work is slow they think that is a reason to get them locked up i am with a father who is in this situation and he tries so hard to make sure that his support is paid and since hes not been working all the time she decided to go to the courts and not to mention all of the kids are saying really rude stuff to him and should be worring about kid stuff not adult stuff and he loves his children and if he is locked up do u think she will get any support then?cause i am not paying it even though i love this man unconditionaly. the mothers use this to get even.because they are jealous that he has another woman or just simply cause they are mad over something stupid believe me ive seen and heard it all!

  16. My ex ran away for months, leaving me with our three kids. One day she came back with the police and had me removed and took the kids, sued me for child support, and moved to Michigan. All this was over another man, which she married and divorced already. She has lied and manipulated the courts to outright slaughter me in any way she can, mainly because I wised up and won't re-enter the abusive relationship. She uses the kids as an excuse for every misdeed. I pay my support, but have fought to no avail for proper visitation. The game is rigged. Now I haven't seen my kids in over 3 years, and my support has gone up beyond what I can pay. I accrue arrears because I only make $10/hour, and it's more than 50% of my pay. This was done through false daycare paperwork, which the court accepted although it was years old and obviously not current. So for you mothers out there that think all fathers deserve this, here's my question: do the kids? Women are using the system for a free ride, remarrying, and enjoying all the freebies they can handle while fathers are working hard just to stay out of jail, and hopefully have enough for a canned dinner, if they're lucky!