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Monday, October 20, 2008

Non-Custodial Parent in Arizona? Tough Luck!

Arizona or anywhere else, it's pretty much all the same for non-custodial parents....non-custodial parental rights are thrown out the window and your turned into a criminal!

No contact, no records, no rights..

by DAG
(no longer in Arizona)

The Arizona Department of Economic Security and the Arizona Attorney General's Office have always represented the custodial parents in all child support matters in the State of Arizona...

The State of Arizona has no laws to audit or account for monies in any the child support case and simply assumes that any figure found in any case file is correct and that any reporting is done on the basis of that finding. This extends to offsets, credit reporting, liens, bank account seizures.. The Department of Economic Security in open court admitted that it does not even keep or account for individuals accessing or changing information in individuals case files and that they do not audit any cases on a regular basis or at all.

The Arizona Attorney General's office came up with a clever way to additionally punish non-custodial parents by requesting multiple judgments for the same case and then reporting all of the judgments to credit reporting agencies. Instead of one negative entry, a non-custodial can have dozens of negative entries for the same case.

If you do not earn enough money, you are told by the Arizona Attorney General's office to get a second job to pay your child support.

The Arizona Attorney General's office has seen fit to fight and have denied, modifications for being disabled and for period of vocational rehabilitation that non-custodial parents petition for in court.

The State of Arizona reaches beyond its legal jurisdiction by continuing enforcement actions when no party to the original action actually lives in Arizona. This includes offsets, bank seizures, debt certifications...

The Arizona Attorney General's Office has gone as far as to file motions to deny medical and educational records made by non-custodial parents, and to deny second DNA tests when allegations of paternity fraud are made. I personally have never seen the child nor been given access to any medical or educational records since the child’s alleged birth over 12 years.

The custodial parents simply paid her $25 to the Department of Economic Security to start the case, waited for and signed a consent decree agreeing to provide the records and then left the state without permission of the court or myself.

The Arizona Attorney General's office uses its position with the courts to have rulings rendered in favor of their clients ( custodial parents ) while non custodial parents must act pro se...

As long as child support collections are subsidized and funded by the US Health and Human Services and rewarded by issuance of additional monies based on the amount of support collect, we will continue to have a problem that destroys families and impoverishes non-custodial parents.

Sad part is nobody cares.



  1. does anyone know where an incarcerated father can get help to have visitation with his children. The family court judge took away his joint custody and will not allow him to visit his children. She told him that he took himself out of society so this is the price. The kids are troubled and in trouble and the ex wants revenge.
    please contact

  2. Does anyone know where a joint custody parent can get help where CPS has been proven by a Arizona Ombudsman-Citizens's Aide Report that CPS "failed to review all previous cases and allegations regarding the family and therefore did not do a thorough investigation, and failed to timely and adequately respond to his grievances."

    The reports to CPS were child abuse (giving my daughter enemas for potty training) and neglect (leaving my daughter in the household of the grandparents when CPS documents the fact that the mother was molested by her father as a child, and the mother continues to deny the child's existing bowel problem and fails to provide prescribed medical treatment).

    CPS has refused to correct their original findings despite being provided multitude of irrefutable evidence.

    I can be contacted at jamesthic@cox.net

  3. The best possible way to move forward is to have a vasectomy (if you got a kid already). These 'parasites' want us to bleed to death. Oh well, it is suppose to happen this way I guess. God created women.."smart & pretty" (taking ribs from men).But their "GREED&SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS" turn them into "evil & ugly". Even when they blame the men for affair, prostitution, etc. They fail to realize, all those have to do with other involved "seducing female species". Why don't they punish their own kind in timely fashion, instead of taking action (after all is done) to divide a family, property & ruin the innocent children's future..and ofcourse bringing the 'father' down permanently. Oh, in my case it's my ex-wife who did the cheating to get a "greener grass" (aka GREED). Men get easily seduced by flirty parasites (that's what makes the parasites worthy in the first place anyway). If you gotta go suck some new victim..then 'GO' in a civilized manner. Don't use the child(ren) as pawn.

  4. @ mowgli4peace

    I would politely ask you no to disrespect all mothers for what some have done. All my children's fathers want nothing to do with their kids unless they can be with me. That's pretty dumb especially when I know men who cry at night because they can't see their kids. My uncle being one. We literally have to sneak my uncle's son to him. So I would never and have never done that to any of my children. It is more important to have a relationship then to get a check but some men don't even want to do that. My oldest sons father would come get him Friday and bring him home Saturday morning because he had a date. A DATE?????? What is that?