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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

How many lawyers in Congress? Can anyone say "Oligarchy"?

According to the Congressional Research Service 170 members of the House and 60 Senators are lawyers.

Out of a total of 435 U.S. Representatives and 100 Senators (535 total in Congress), lawyers comprise the biggest voting block of one type, making up 43% of Congress. Sixty percent of the U.S. Senate is lawyers.
Enough said. 37.2% of the House of Representatives are lawyers.

There are 81 Republican lawyers in Congress who list "lawyer" as their profession. There are 123 Democrat lawyers in Congress that list "lawyer" as their profession. Some may have not told that they had a law degree or practiced law, because they were doing something else, e.g., doctor, industrialist, teacher, real estate agent/broker, etc. It seems that the medical and real estate professions are also heavily represented in Congress.

Now we know what the problem is, what do we do to start getting these clowns thrown out of office because of separation of Judiciary and Legislative (and Executive) branches under the Separation of Powers Clause.

As the primary elections are coming up is is interesting to note that so many of the contenders are lawyers, something that is also true of the members of Congress, where I believe half are lawyers. Why are so many US politicians lawyers? It seems odd considering that

A) Legal training seems unnecessary for performing the main job of a politician, regardless of whether one takes that to be courting public opinion or governing the country. And there is hardly any deficit of lawyers in Washington to ask for advice if legal knowledge turns out to be needed.

B) Being a lawyer isn’t very prestigious as far as I know. Being a military, doctor, police officer, businessman or perhaps even a academic would surely be regarded by many voters as more respectable professions than being a lawyer.

C) Other countries don’t have nearly the same over-representation of lawyers in their parliaments as the US does.

Too Many Lawyers in Congress

When a majority of one profession constitutes a legislative body, the laws produced by that body tend to favor their majority group. A congress composed of too many lawyers makes laws that benefit primarily other lawyers. Of course, other beneficiaries of laws made by these readily corrupted people in Washington are those who pay the lawyers to get what their groups want. These special interests are called lobbies and unfortunately are not illegal. The result is what is called government subsidies and corporate welfare, all of which hurt the rest of the people.

A recent news item was a statistic that the United States had dropped from having the lowest auto mortality rates in the world 30 years ago to ranking only 9th in the world today. No reason was proffered, but it is not hard to discern. Ecological psychopaths would be ignored by a common sense government. But when the lawyer-dominated government saw a chance to profit the legal profession, laws were made and enforced through the EPA to force production of "government cars", aka econo-coffins. The price of these econo-coffins has risen dramatically, so the cars are economical only at the gas pump. The cost in injury and loss of life cannot be calculated, except by the lawyers who profit by it. They profit immensely through accident cases and suits by survivors of those whose lives were lost. The daily highway carnage is so bad that TV no longer reports the statistics on holiday weekends. Such statistics would dwarf the daily mortality reports coming from Iraq.

Since EPA standards had become more strict every year for the past 25 years, car makers have had to reduce the size and steel of autos to a level that has become shockingly lethal. After accident mortality rates rose more than three-times higher than in the days of large cars, air bags were rushed in to try to reduce the highway carnage. Recent studies show air bags have little effect and actually contribute to the deaths of many smaller adults and children. Few people complain of the econo-coffins, but the loony left blames the larger SUV’s, which are safer. It is the age-old rule of left-wing wackos – don’t help the weak get better, bring down the better to a lower level. In education it is called "dumbing down". In autos it means get rid of the large and safer SUV’s so that everyone has an equal chance to die in a speeding vehicle wrapped in foil.

What of the trucking industry? I haven’t seen a smaller 18-wheeler or a big diesel that doesn’t spout black, foul-smelling exhaust. To have a collision with one of these behemoths when driving the standard econo-coffin is certain annihilation. Guess why the EPA permits trucks to pollute the air and get bigger instead of smaller. You guessed it, the Teamsters Union is one of those powerful lobbies in Washington.

Another consequence of too many lawyers are the ever-present TV commercials urging us to sue for whatever happens in our lives. Make money from having a child born not perfect, a minor auto accident, a surgical operation or a medical outcome that is less than perfect. This in turn creates a malpractice crisis in which many doctors find it financially advantageous to work in another state or take an early retirement. Malpractice insurance becomes higher than a doctor’s income. Lawyers laugh all the way to the bank, then publicly say it the doctor’s fault for not knowing their jobs.

At one time in our history, the legal system was used to obtain justice. Now most Americans use it to get rich. Many juries are very willing to award multimillion dollar settlements for almost any injury, whether self-induced or not. Smart shyster lawyers know how to play on the sympathies and vicarious greed of juries. One day, the jurists think, they may have their chance to sit in the witness chair wearing a cervical collar and a lugubrious expression while retailing the history of their accident. But the shysters’ dirty secret is that they get the lion’s share of the reward.

We have the best government money can buy, a government of the lawyers, by the lawyers, and for the lawyers. The lobbyists know this, so their job is to ante up the money to get more lawyers reelected so they will send some of the take their way. This is why we have the Internal Revenue Service. It is the redistributor of wealth for the lawyers in Congress. The tax code is massive because each new item signifies a gift of money, a subsidy, or financial advantage to some special interest group who helps a lawyer get elected in perpetuity.

How can this be stopped? It won’t be easy. The great majority of Americans want term limits for elected members of Congress, yet Congress will never vote themselves out of office. Getting a law passed to limit the number of lawyers or any special interest group will be impossible unless a grassroots effort is led by a charismatic leader. Another Adolf Hitler maybe? He was considered a very charismatic leader that changed his country and the face of the earth in less than 20 years.

Somehow a wave of idealism must return this country to its roots of freedom and liberty. Otherwise, the corruption will continue and America will slide further into the abyss.

Goldsmith Says Too Many Lawyers Hurt Anti-Terror

Jack Goldsmith, the former Justice Department attorney who went to war against elements in White House to reign in surveillance and detention policies, spoke more to his conservative tendencies than to his scathing criticisms in his opening statement to a Senate committee Tuesday.

It is hard to overstate how scary it is to read the threat reports every day.

Because the government doesn't always have the tools to check the threats in the threat report.

This leads the administration -- this is true of any presidency - to do anything they can to prevent a terrorist attack, including going right up to the edge of a law.

If there is another attack there will be another 9/11 Commission that will find a needle in the haystack that the administration missed

The problem isn't a lack of lawyers, according to Goldsmith, who says lawyers are in every meeting. In fact there may be too many lawyers.

At the same time administration has pushed to stop the attack it finds it bumps up against laws. There is a fear of violating the law, of going to jail and being investigated later.

This is not a problem only for this presidency. This is problem that a lot of presidents have faced and one the next president will face.

I typed in 'How many lawyers are there is the US Congress' in Google.

After about one minute my computer vomited on the desk.


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