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Friday, September 19, 2008

Alec Baldwin's interview on 20/20 - And Updated articles from the interveiw....

Let's see how this group of feminists will treat Alec when he stops by THE VIEW to discuss his newly published book , "A PROMISE TO OURSELVES" which brings to the surface the horrible effects caused by Parental Alienation.
http://www.msplinks.com/MDFodHRwOi8vYWxlY2JhbGR3aW4uY29tL3dlYnNpdGUvZXZlbnRzLw==We can only hope that with Alec's notoriety he can begin to nationally expose the fact that there are many parents who are fighting for their constitutional right to parent their children and that we refuse to give up on the idea of reunifying our country's family unit, which the family courts and lawyers have managed to systematically destroy.Our government is going to listen to us because we are not going away until there is change! UNITED

Actor Says Many Divorce Judges and Lawyers are 'Corrupt, Inefficient, Lazy, Stupid'

[Administrators Note: Of course 20/20 had to show their bias towards Alec/Men in general before the Baldwin interveiw by running a story about a man chasing a woman down and killing her in front of a police station! Alec, I feel that was a slap in your face to discredit you such as the radical feminist do. Diane Sawyer also showed her bias towards Alec and I have lost some respect for her as a journalist. Way to go Alec! you handled yourself well under pressure and for anyone to think you do not have the right to be mad and disgusted with the system, well, they are just ignorant of the truth with what is truly going on in our family courts of today. Parental Alienation is child abuse PERIOD! Vindictive parents who use their children in this manner to punish the other parent are guilty of a crime and need to be prosecuted....PERIOD! These family court issues are not the only problem in our system, our human civil rights are being violated on many other fronts also. Just open your eyes people and look around you and you will see that there is a war against all of us in the civil rights arena and the federally funded incentive programs targeted at families and children have to be the most destructive and disgusting! I have been caught up in the family court system for over 5 years now and never in my wildest dreams have I imagined that this system would be so bias, unfair, and cruel. It is a travesty to our society as a whole and the innocence of children take the brunt of this, all for criminal profiteering.........and funding to do it to the next family. The divorce industry and federal incentive programs in this arena are EVIL and DESTRUCTIVE to humanity and our God given right to be human and to parent. Judges and Attorneys are instigators in Parental Alienation and support this abuse towards children and actually are co-conspirators in this crime. I have to blame the system, judges, and attorneys just as much as the guilty parent commiting these abuses of Parental Alienation, children deserve equal time with both FIT parents. Any thing short of that is violating the child's, parents, grand-parents, cousins, aunts and uncles rights.]

In an interview with ABC News anchor Diane Sawyer, Baldwin, 50, spoke about his lengthy court struggles with Basinger, 54, and said that when the voice mail was released, it brought him to the brink of suicide.

Watch Diane Sawyer's interview with Alec Baldwin tonight on "20/20" at 10 p.m. ET

"I used to pray to God every night. I would get in bed, and I would say, please, don't let me wake up in the morning," Baldwin said. "I began to think about what little town I would repair to in order to commit suicide. And then you, obviously you say, well, what would that do to my child if I killed myself? Me, I really didn't care about me."

Go to article and preveiw page: http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/story?id=5832850&page=1

After the show opinion:

[Administrators Note: The family court system (divorce industry) is totally bias and dicriminating towards men/fathers. More women are becoming victims of this family destroying evil entity and although men are severly at a disadvantage right now in this system, more and more women are becoming aware that they are not immune to it either. Parental alienation is done by mostly mothers right now because they are more prone to this behavior by nature IMO and they get custody in more cases than men. The system had to give one gender an advantage in order to generate more profiteering in the federal incentive programs that support and finance this monster business, (and fills alot of peoples pockets with big money). Parental Alienation is real and it is psychological and emotional child abuse to say the least. Alec did very well answering Diane Sawyer and played it cool when under bias pressure from her that I know he is totally sick of after what he has been through. These courts and vindictive women very damaging to children and fathers and society. Way to go Alec, we need more high profile men/parents like you to come forward with these truths and the people of this country need to know what these criminal family courts and this destructive divorce industry is really doing to families and children!]

Baldwin lashes out at divorce lawyers
Saturday, September 20, 2008 9:51 AM
ABC News
Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger's cutthroat custody battle over their 12-year-old daughter, Ireland, has made international headlines for years. The couple divorced in 2002 after nine years of marriage, but the vicious accusations on both sides continued, culminating in the infamous 2007 voice-mail message in which Baldwin berated his daughter.
In an interview with ABC News anchor Diane Sawyer, Baldwin, 50, spoke about his lengthy court struggles with Basinger, 54, and said that when the voice mail was released, it brought him to the brink of suicide.
"I used to pray to God every night. I would get in bed, and I would say, please, don't let me wake up in the morning," Baldwin said. "I began to think about what little town I would repair to in order to commit suicide. And then you, obviously you say, well, what would that do to my child if I killed myself? Me, I really didn't care about me."
After the media storm and new round of custody litigation that followed the voice mail release, Baldwin nearly broke his own promise to never give up on his daughter. Deterred by the barriers that he believes his ex-wife imposed on his relationship with Ireland, Baldwin said he almost lost the will to keep fighting.
In his new book (in stores on Tuesday), "A Promise to Ourselves: A Journey Through Fatherhood and Divorce," Baldwin chronicles his journey for other fathers who are seeking custody and struggling for justice in family court. He says it's time to do something about the business of divorce in America and, in typical Baldwin fashion, he doesn't mince words.
"I don't care if the judges and the lawyers die of heart attacks in the process of getting their job done. They are corrupt, inefficient, lazy, stupid -- they're the most God-awful people."
Baldwin believes that many family court lawyers and their manipulations and delays make the child custody duel much worse than it needs to be. "The judges are like pit bosses in Vegas casinos. Their job is to make sure everybody stays at the table and keeps gambling."
Baldwin's clashed with Basinger for nearly eight years: there are hundreds of documents, 91 court proceedings so far, and about $3 million in legal costs.
But it didn't start out like that.
'All Dissent Was Abuse' Baldwin told Sawyer that he and Basinger came into marriage much like anyone else, except that they were two of Hollywood's biggest stars when they met on the set of "The Marrying Man" in 1990. "I had a marriage that I came to in the same way everybody else comes to a marriage. We all take chances when we get married."
Not long after they met, Basinger told ABC News that she thought Baldwin was "something else" and hoped that he was nuts about her.
Two years after their 1993 marriage ceremony, their daughter was born.
But by the time Ireland was 5, the marriage was unraveling.
"I'm sure she [Basinger] would tell you ad nauseam, she might even be more chatty about the warning signals she saw in me, you know," said Baldwin. "The harshest thing I can say is I was married to someone for whom all dissent was abuse. If you had your own opinion, you were abusive. And getting into the details doesn't matter 'cause it's not good for me legally to do that and it's not good for my daughter."
Ireland is unquestionably the love of Baldwin's life. He won joint legal and physical custody of her in 2004 and has racked up tens of thousands of frequent flier miles traveling between New York and Los Angeles to satisfy his custody visitation schedule. He sees himself as a good father and says he has met every court requirement that Basinger's side has thrown at him, including anger management classes.
"When I'm with her, I'm happy," he said. "It's one of the only times in my life that I'm happy."
In some ways, though, Baldwin believes that the separation with his daughter began before she was born.
"I think when my daughter becomes an adult, she'll be fully cognizant of the fact that she's estranged," he said.
At the time this story was published neither Kim Basinger nor her representative could be reached for comment.
Baldwin Describes 'Parental Alienation Syndrome'
In his book Baldwin recounts standing in the bathroom of Basinger's home in Los Angeles with Basinger and her assistant: "Kim said she was pregnant. A moment that one would have imagined, during all your lifetime leading up until now, would be a cause for unprecedented joy was more like someone telling you that they had wrecked your car. We all just stood there while Kim talked of her doubts about me and our marriage."
Baldwin wrote that Basinger's assistant "managed to sneak glances at me that seemed pitying, as if to say 'How sad to have this moment in your life play out this way.' I suppose that, in hindsight, the alienation from my daughter began that afternoon, before she was even born."
When he and Basinger separated, Baldwin said she moved from their home in New York back to California, reportedly for Ireland's health. At the time, a court-sponsored mediator was making custody arrangements with agonizing slowness, claims Baldwin.
At one point, Baldwin said Ireland told him, "Mommy says we can all be together again if you go and get help. Mommy says you're sick." Baldwin told Sawyer that he told his lawyer because he said it was another of Basinger's attempts to turn Ireland against him.
In "A Promise to Ourselves" Baldwin urges the courts to recognize parental alienation syndrome, which he says is real.
"There are women who get divorced in order to punish, out of this bitter, bitter hatred that some of these women have for their ex-husbands, they turn their children against them. Everybody knows that's real. We know that there are gangs in East L.A. We don't need to say there's East L.A. Gang syndrome, do we?"
Baldwin also suggests that if there is no evidence of abuse by the father, with school-age kids, "he gets meaningful custody of his child right away."
Joan Meier, a law professor at George Washington University, strongly disagrees with Baldwin. Meier, who helps women battle custody in court, says that allegations of parental alienation syndrome can endanger women. "Parental alienation is being misused and distorted simply to defeat abuse claims," she said.
The American Psychiatric Association also doesn't recognize the term. A former APA president, Dr. Paul Fink, referred to parental alienation syndrome as "junk science at its worst."
But what of Ireland's reaction to this book? "I said to her, I've written this book and this book is coming out and I want you to know that I tried to be as fair as I could in the book," Baldwin said. "And what's important is ... what I left out of the book."
Baldwin says he dreams of ending the battle with Basinger.
"I never think about her. I never think about the past. I think about the dreams I had, the reconciliation dreams, which to me, I could honestly say to you, there are few waking dreams I've had that I woke up as intoxicated as I was by those dreams, that all this was behind us."

Article Link: http://abclocal.go.com/ktrk/story?section=news/entertainment&id=6403426
UPDATE-Sept 22nd, 2008

September 22, 2008
The Children’s Protection Alliance (CPA) is fighting to defend the rights of abused children against the legal strategy PAS or Parental Alienation Syndrome, a discredited theory that “parental alienation” was derived from, which Alec Baldwin is promoting in his new book on divorce and custody. A child abuse victim of the legal strategy of PAS, Randy Kravitz (now an adult) is speaking out as part of CPA’s national awareness campaign about this dangerous theory, which is used to place children with abusive parents in custody cases. “Does Alec Baldwin know that the original theory behind “parental alienation,” called PAS/Parental Alienation Syndrome, is a legal strategy that child molesters, batterers, and child abusers have used to get custody of their children nationwide?” asks Kravitz.
“This is an outrage. The strategy of PAS is a horrible reality for many helpless abused children that face this issue in family courts,” Kravitz says. Randy Kravitz is not only a victim of physical abuse and beatings from his father; he is also a victim of the legal use of PAS. PAS is a legal strategy used by child molesters and child abusers in order to win visitation and custody rights. Randy was forced to run away from home in order to escape the court-ordered abuse he received from his father. Randy Kravitz and the Children’s Protection Alliance are working to expose how the use of PAS as a legal strategy has harmed countless abused children across the country. “The successful use of the PAS strategy shows how family courts are failing to protect children from their abusive parents,” Kravitz says. “The personal nature of divorce proceedings should not interfere with the safety of a child. You must put the rights of abused children first and foremost.”
For more information please visit http://www.childrensprotection.org/ ###
CONTACT and BOOKINGS: Ashley CorkeryP: 917-546-0826E: http://us.mc362.mail.yahoo.com/mc/compose?to=ashley@theelementagency.com This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

CPA is a radical anti-male front group

To whom it may concern:

Your organization, the Children's Protection Alliance (CPA) is doing
a disservice to the many fathers (and some mothers) out there that
have been victims of parental alienation and PAS. In fact, many
states including NY, NJ, GA, CA, ILL., NC, CO, FLA, et al. have
accepted parental alienation as a form of child abuse against
children being deprived of their relationship with their fathers and
in some cases, their mothers. However, various radical, left-wing
and Marxist feminist organizations are trying to discredit parental
alienation as being "junk science". Parental alienation is a form of
intentional infliction of emotional distress/outrageous
conduct/post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

PA and PAS is when one parent refuses to allow the other parent to
exercise his fundamantally, God-given parental rights, and in
violations of court orders, when the loving parent has done nothing
to incur the wrath of the alienating parent, other than getting a
divorce. Over 70% of all visitation/parental rights is denied to the
noncustodial parent within the first 5 years of a divorce involving
children. A wedge is driven between the mother and the children, and
the father. The mother invokes her power and control (e.g., this is
what is most often defined as domestic violence) to cut off the
children from their father, by fabricating claims against the father,
calling him names and expletives in front of the children, and
telling the children they don't have to see their father if they don't want to.

Those fathers who abuse and molest their children are a small
percentage of total of loving fathers being deprived of their
children. Statewide child abuse and molestation statistics show that
mothers account for over 85% of all females in committing child
abuse, neglect and molestation. Fathers constitute a little over 33%
of those committing child abuse, neglect and molestation, with
boyfriends, paramours, relatives and institutiions accounting for the rest.

According to the U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services Third National
Incidence Study (NIS-3) of Child Abuse & Neglect, at pg. 6-11, table
6-4, mothers are responsible for 55% of all child killings, with
boyfriends, paramours, relatives and then fathers and institutions
bringing up the rear.

I am a victim of parental alienation and PAS. My ex-wife told the
court-appointed GAL that she did not have the authority to make my ex
bring the kids for visitation and she wouldn't. My ex alienated the
children from me at age 12 (which happens at this age most of the
time) by telling the children they no longer had to see me. Court
order after court order was issued for her contempt, but she never
went to jail, and she was never forced to give up custody. However,
I suffered PAS and PTSD, with my blood pressure going up to 175/130
and the doctors panicking that I was going to have a massive stroke
because of all of this. I became physically and mentally disabled as
a result of the PAS and wound up losing my excellent career and had
to go on Social Security disability. Since that time, over 14 years
ago, I have recovered (except for physical disability) and have been
involved in the fathers' rights movement, family rights movement and
childrens' rights movement and have seen my share of hundreds of
fathers breaking down and crying because they were deprived of their
relationships with their children because their vicious and
vindictive ex-wives with their lawyers, and complicit
judges, prevented these fathers from seeing their children. This is
systemic government oppression and essentially acts of treason
against the US Constitution and a threat to national security (break
up of families, denial of parent's right to children).

Before you go on your tantrums and accuse all "men are created evil"
you need to get out and investigate the subject rather than base your
anecdotal evidence of fabrications, false allegations and perjury
that runs rampant when women, who deservedly so, lose custody of
their children to the father. Yes, I understand that there are some
fathers who are abusive, but that number is so miniscule that it does
not show up on the radar. It's just like the epidemic hysteria
created by battered women's groups that many women are being murdered
in domestic violence cases. In my state, according to the latest
State Police reports on domesitc violence, there were 42 murders
related to domestic violence, and a 1/3 of them (14) were
men. Forty-two murders for domestic violence out of a population of
9,000,000 in New Jersey (NJ is the 11th largest state by
population). Where's the epidemic? Forty-two domestic violence
murders divided into 9 Million equals approximately .0006% of the
total, a statistical insignificance.

Yet, we have the diagnosis of "battered women's syndrome" which, in
reality IS "junk science" because it does not include "battered men's
sydrome". According to the most recent US Justice Dept. statistics,
there were 1.2 Million reported (not convicted) cases of domestic
violence against women; there were 950,000 reported cases of domestic
violence against men last year. Men account for over 40% of all
domestic violence victims, but over $1 BILLION in federal funding is
given to state battered WOMEN'S programs ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lastly, Tourette's Syndrome was considered "junk science" for almost
100 years before it was given a diagnosis code in the DSM manuals.

I suggest you do your research more thoroughly before calling
parental alienation and parental alienation syndrome a "junk
science". A small percentage of those who were abused because of
being given to the wrong parent on the basis of PAS, is statistically
insignificant compared to the huge number of those parents (read:
fathers) who are deprived of their children routinely through
parental alienation and PAS, which is a provable statistic. Instead
of using a small sampling of case studies or some anecdotal evidence
by radical anti-male, misandric feminist authors, do the right thing
and convene unbiased research studies on the subject and you'll see
that your studies will comport with what's already out there.

Bruce Eden, Civil Rights Director
DADS (Dads Against Discrimination)--New Jersey & New York Chapters
Wayne, New Jersey


  1. Comment by Researcher 7 minutes ago
    Delete Comment Alec didn't do himself or parental alienation victims any favors last night what with his anger coming off him in waves. However, what I've never understood, is why judges believe people shouldn't be angry about parental alienation? It's huge. See www.FamilyLawCourts.com

    Also, not to be elitist; but how is it the Canadian group is more on top of alienation than the U.S.?

  2. A twelve year study commissioned by the Family Law Section of the
    American Bar Association of over a thousand divorces found that
    "parental alienation," the programming of a child against the other
    parent, occurs regularly sixty percent (60%) of the time and
    sporadically another twenty percent.PA was first recognized by
    Wallerstein and Kelly (1976, 1980) in their seminal study on children
    of divorce. They described it as an "unholy alliance" between an
    angry parent and an older child or adolescent. Dr. RichardGardner
    (1987, 1998a) coined the label "parental alienation syndrome" to
    describe a diagnosable disorder in a child in the context of a
    custody dispute, and it is this entity which has generated both
    enthusiastic endorsement and strongnegative response.Psychologist Dr.
    Ira Turkat of the University of Florida: "In a nutshell, PAS occurs
    when one parent campaigns successfully to manipulate his or her
    children to despise the other parent despite the absence of
    legitimate reasons for the children to harbor such animosity. The
    effort to poison the relationship between the offspring and the
    targeted parent may be extensive and at times, relentless." Family
    Court, Judge Edlitz: "Parental Alienation Syndrome occurs when one
    parent uses his/her influence with his/her child to undermine the
    relationship between the child and the other parent. It typically
    arises when the parents are engaged in divorce proceedings or a
    custody dispute. (See, People v. Loomis, 172 Misc2d 265, 267.) . . .
    [It is described] as a disturbance in which children are not merely
    systematically and consciously "brainwashed" but are also
    subconsciously and unconsciously "programmed" by one parent against
    the other."Dr. Janet R. Johnston: An alienated child is defined as
    one who expresses, freely and persistently, unreasonable negative
    feelings and beliefs (anger, hatred, rejection and/or fear) toward a
    parent that are significantly disproportionate to the child's actual

    One poster stated: "THIS is why NOW, feminists, and those in domestic
    violence, mental health, academics, etc. are AGAINST PAS __"according
    to one 2004 survey in Massachusetts by Harvard's Jay Silverman, 54
    percent of custody cases involving documented spousal abuse were
    decided in favor of the alleged batterers."This is a prime example of
    how reality is twisted to favor one opinion or the other. This quote
    has been taken for fact, repeated so many times it isn't even
    questioned anymore. The truth:"the study, published in The American
    Journal of Public Health, was based on a nonrepresentative,
    self-selected sample of 39 women recruited by the Battered Women's
    Testimony Project. Moreover, the "documentation" of abuse could be
    nothing more than a restraining order or an affidavit by the
    woman.Using this analogy: If you asked 39 #### members if it's OK to
    have sex with children and get 21 yeses would you state that 54% of
    the population is in favor of having sex with children? If just one
    of those molested children stated that it wasn't OK would the opinion
    of those 54% override the child's? Would NOW support the opinion of
    those 54%?NOW is one of the biggest special interest lobbyist groups
    going. I am not speaking about individual members, I am talking about
    NOW who gets millions of dollars a year from State, Federal and
    Private grants and sinks millions into campaigns of those who will
    give them more grant $. They are anti men, anti women, anti child.
    They are self serving and many of their leaders are angry and bitter
    stalkers. How many women out there that don't believe in abortion?
    NOW is against them. How many women out there that state they have
    been victims of PA? NOW will denounce you. NOW doesn't support
    woman's issues, they support their own interest. How can you denounce
    one woman's opinion while stating that you support freedom of choice?
    I am so proud to see women finally stand against this lobbyist giant.

    Study after study...quote after quote...all men are abusers...all
    women are abusers....Yes there are flagrant flamers out there one all
    sides. We can find groups that deny the Holocaust. We can find both
    men and women who believe that it's OK to have sexual relations with
    kids. We can quote their studies They are doctors and lawyers, they
    are psychologists and medical doctors. They hold JDs and MD and PhDs.
    Bla, bla, bla. If like people only ask like people for their opinion
    does that make that opinion fact? How about if you publish this
    opinion and you have a JD or PhD after your name, will that make it
    true? What happens if you indoctrinate many and you conduct your pole
    on campus, does that make it fact? No it doesn't. For any of you to
    deny PA is to call the adult children who have suffered it liars. You
    are no better than the previous flamers. You laugh at men that fall
    victims of abuse, you support the fact that these victims don't get
    the help they need, you support the abuse of boys and continually
    pressure their mother's to abandon their sons and call it a rescue.
    You support the "industry" and deny that it exists. You balk at the
    billions of dollars that roll in every year but have no problem
    cashing the checks. As I am writing this, National Geographic is
    showing yet another Holocaust program and how it took decades for
    Hitler to gain control of the people. You can deny it all you want,
    someday the history books will reflect the truth and the world shall
    know. Right now just a handful know the truth and the flamers are
    trying their damnedest to silence the victims. Your anger shows in
    who you protect.You make fun of those who don't trust the ABA; look
    shallowly into your history and realize that your one gene away from
    persecution too. You take bias and calculated stats as gospel and
    ignore reality. You make excuses for child abusers; blame it on
    poverty.The legacy you are creating is the vile slaughter of the
    children; our children; ourselves

  3. Thank you Alec Baldwin for someone of stature to finaly come to the table and stand up to this unjust system! My husband and I have been going through absolute hell for the past 10 years simply because his ex-wife happens to be female and a Mother. Apparently children need their Mother's more than Father's? Apparenly, according to the courts it's only the Father's responsibility to support his children, but Mother's hold none? I can't tell you how much this issue has taken away from our quality of life, from the children's happiness and how our several lawyers continue to get rich from the corruption!


  4. Do any of you people have any idea what is like to be happily married one moment, and then have a complete bitter campaign against you in every corner of your life, completely designed by the alienating parent to destroy your life? First, these narcissistic, borderline personalities, Psychiatrist will not even treat them! These women, (yes, they are mothers, this is the guise they hide behind constantly, and also some fathers) are on a mission, to force the child to select one parent over another. This usually arises during a divorce, and then custody proceedings.
    I love the Alec Baldwin has brought this to the public view. These very mothers and parents, although they are the master accusers of abuse, they are truly the ones that are inflicting severe emotional and irreparable damage to their children.
    Although these parents go thru years of court battles, and therapy, they always will continue to feel that they are above the laws, and pay no attention to these laws. They cry abuse, molesting, and almost anything to break the relationship with the targeted parent. "breaking the ties that Bind us" is a book, that collectively interviews adult children of PAS. These children suffer at the hands of the alienator in their adult lives. They have difficulty with intimacy and trust for the rest of their lives. These adult children sought therapy in adult lives, once they were removed from the alienator, and discovered that they could not function properly out in the world. Due to the lies, and forced emotional blackmail, some have such severe guilt as how they treated the targeted parent, that they become suicidal, and most forever carry the guilt all their lives of how they perhaps could have made a difference in their lost childhood with their father/mother better by standing up to the alienator, and confronting them. This is where the lawyers, guardians ad litem, and judges all fail us. The child is caught in a double bind. The alienator forces them to choose one parent over the other. One is good, and one is very bad. They want to be the "good, perfect parent" and the target parent is the abuser, and the scumbag, not worthy.

    Please people, we should never ever inflict conditional love upon a child. This is what the PAS child learns, is that unconditional love does not exist. If the child loves the target parent, it risks the affection, love and support of the alienator. Young children should never everhave to learn this lesson. To say lies to the child about the pther parent to only have the child reject that parent is sick. It is more harmful for a child that is a non victim, to be brain washed into thinking that he is victim, is even more psychologically damaging to the child than to have been truly victimized in reality.
    PAS is the most evil game that the courts and society allow to happen.
    THANK YOU ALEC BALDWIN for bringing this to the public view!
    I will pray for your Ireland.

  5. If you read the thorough review by psychologist Ira Turkat http://iraturkat.com/ on parental alienation http://childcustodybattle.info/ there is no question that some parents alienate children. There just isn’t any proper research done yet on the topic that needs to be done. That is different when saying there is no research support which many claim. The research hasn’t been done yet & it will come. One time there was no research on AIDS but there is now & it is a real disease. In the meantime kids get hurt by alienating parents.

  6. Thanks Alec for standing up and doing what you are doing. I have read your sights. also I have given my opinion to the sights who are against you. I really let them have it because I know that the way you talk that you are for real. I have fought for ten years for fathers rights. been thru the evil court systems and have lost every thing I got before I learned every thing I know now. I live now in a 1968 26' trailer and have been reduced to a old ford work truck and work all the time. I have a high arrearage to pay and live hand to mouth because of our economy. I have lost all rights to my three daughters. Lost my house that I worked day and night for for ten years. I was depressed for a long time and blamed myself because the system and churches blamed me. have worked with fathers for a long time. Here is what I learned. Psychologist are communist agents to destroy fathers rights and family values. Look up or type in psychopolitics to see the evidence. Look up alex Jones on infowars.com to see the evidence of terror being brought upon America as they make war upon the
    families, the business man, the public, churches, free thinkers, Alex Jone's tape terror storm on "infowars.com" shows that they they, The New world order banker cartell or Zionist Jews have poisioned our food destroyed our families with the communist Dept. of Social Services and have been responsibal for every single terror attact since the accient Roman and Napolian wars. They have staged these to get us into wars to creat their political agendas. Please look up this info if you think this to be outrages. I know longer what to drink or kill myself because I know now that it is not just me but a bigger picture that also destroyed Russian males and that is why alchohalism is high among males in Russia. Communism has been in America since the 1933 Rosevelt Administration and was the beginning of the bankers Zionist take over of Family Law. That is when Psychologist took over the Judiciary and our constitution was suspended and Russian psychologist were first importate to the United States who could by the way already speak fluint english to fill the new positions for the future destruction of the traditional America and promote the so called minority rights agenda and not allow white males to get Government jobs. The Russian Revolution was also against white males. Funded by Zionest American Rockafeller from New York. They Control Hollywood, and the News Channels. I thought what happened to me was because I was poor and my inlaws were rich but now I have seen it happen to Alec also. It happens to white males more than any males because the Zionest are racist hate mongers that are guilty of crimes against humanity. Womanizes who run porn movies and child porn as well. Murder child slavery around the world. As we inter this future depression more families will loose their homes and then of course their children will be taken away because the family law will declare them unfit. these children once in the system will never be let out of the system from then on, Then they will be a profit made for each dept. in Government to build revenue from this. Greedy people will make profit from Foster Care, Child slavery from around the world. Some sold to slavery or Heirums to rich oil sheeks who think blond white girls are a middle east dainty for their multible delights. Some sold for prostitutes in Isriel and any one who has a lot of money in the drug cartel countries. Some sold to kill and sacrifice at Bohemian Grove to their Satanic Gods of the Masonic, Babalonian World New World order. Alot of girls are just simply missing because of kidnaping by our own government. They are drugging our children and kidnapping their minds right in front of us. They are declaring war on us with this patriot act so please folks the problem is bigger that the local courts. They brain wash girls in elementry and High School to be men haters with History classes to be at war against men to help foster future divorces When a girl falls in love with a young man she does not think about all of this but after she is married and fighting with her husband then all of this subconscience brainwashing kicks in like a dormant seed planted, for a future chance to grow and this poor guy is in shock when sitting in divorce court and wondering where all of this hatred is comming from. He then after a long battle now learns that he no longer has a family, a country, a child, or a constitution and is in shock with all the lies. His man hood is taken and is sometimes homeless and poor and alone Who would not want to commit suiside? Of course it is his fault and his own sister won't take his side. If he commits suicide then that is what the New world order wants. All governments and countries since the beginning of time have taken a country by killing all the men. Then taking the spoil. They have learned how to fight wars by cowardly fighting behind the sceens It is called Communism and it is real It is not dead and it all adds up. Don't depend on the knews for your information or you will be brainwashed. God Bless you Alec (Stevelynchguitar@yahoo.com) Cowboy Singer here in Branson Mo. 417-321-3830. I am not afraid to identify myself because I am an ex-Marine and a soldier for the constitution of the united States. God Bless America. God Bless Charlie Sheen for having guts to speek out. You too Alec! Piss on George Bush, the oil cartel and the hook noose Zionest who pretend to be Holocost victoms. Steven

  7. Is there a petition to change the divorce law in regards to the wife being able to take over half of the husbands assets + spousal support especially when she hasn't contributed to building the wealth? (Or, maybe even married with the intent to later divorce and take half the wealth the man has labored for). If there is such a petition, I would/will help collect signatures. The current divorce law is antiquated and needs desparately to be changed. Not to mention that the women now days have jobs/careers/income and earn as much as we(the men)do.





  9. I saw your new movie tonight and want to tell
    you how much we enjoyed it! I thought you should
    have ended up with the girl, but then after awhile, decided it was only a movie and good Steve Martin got the girl! I also am so happy
    you are not so preoccupied with your good looks,
    that you have to be perfect, and look like you
    did 15 yrs. ago! Please, when you get that age,
    don't go and get cosmetic surgery to look like
    you did then! You are great looking now, and age
    will only make you better! We love you like you are now!

    I am wondering if you still like Obama??

    A Fan,

  10. I want to share a story with you all. It involves a fathers rights. It is amazing, this "so called" justice system seems to operate on money and not the best interest of the children.

    Please give consideration to the following story. It is of timely fashion to get this out there a.s.a.p.
    Thank you for taking a look!